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Qoccle’s Oliver Lightsome


“In five years Qoccle’s Oliver Lightsome has entered 81 Dog Shows and won 78 times. In 2005 he is the first non-British yorkie who wins CC at Crufts and in 2006 the first winning CC, BOB and reserve Tou Group at Crufts; he is really changing the image of the yorkie in the world of the shows! Nobody is born to be great, but some devote themselves to create greatness: that is what I have always been after.”

Thank you Oliver, you will be in my heart forever!

Nicoletta Pollini

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The most titled Yorkshire Terrier of all time all over the world!



“Pollini’s Ch. Qoccle’s Oliver Lightsome, absolutely stunning is the only way to describe this gorgeous dog, super head, neat ears, dark expressive eyes, ample reach of neck, spirit level topline, correct front & rear assembly, coat colour tans & textures perfect, falls to the floor, not a broken hair to be found, presentation superb, moves with such enthusiasm, a once in a lifetime dog, the complete package, looks & showmanship, he obviously loves the limelight. CC & BOB, much to my delight, Group 2 in a very strong group.”

Mrs. Jackie Leslie


“The Yorkshire terrier Ch. Qoccle’s Oliver Lightsome, this lovely dog would be a champion in any country his owner chose to visit. Super for type, size, coat & colours, brilliant in head, eyes & furnishings, well constructed with ideal topline & tailset, nice proficient mover.

Mr. Terry Thorn