About Us
About UsIt was in 1983 when my friend's yorkie whelped 5 puppies, and when I saw them I felt in love. I bought the only female of the litter and I named her "Gixi". Since then, my interest in the breed started to grow, I bought several books and magazines about yorkies. I first loved their very long silky coat, the red bow and their cute faces.

Later I decided to get in touch with Delle Antiche Mura kennel and then it came Asaea Delle Antiche Mura. With Asaea I felt the emotions of the first shows and the joy of the first puppies homeborn. After some years I had the opportunity to buy Qoccle Of Millmoor, from Ronny Engelen. I still remember how I felt at the World Dog Show 1994 in Berna, when Qoccle got the Junior World Winner title and was also best junior.

Qoccle was my first champion and when she was retired from the rings, she became our foundation bitch. She had several puppies of show quality. Many of them got titles and wins. This is why I dedicated to her my kennel prefix "Qoccle's".
I started to breed under this prefix in 1997 and since then my yorkies gave me so many successes and wins.
I decided to breed yorkies because they are small but bold, so what I hope to obtain in my kennel are yorkies well built in body (as close as possible to the standard) and in mind, with a joyful and balanced temperament. What I mostly like are correct movement, head carried high, straight topline and a good tail carriage.

I think that breeding yorkies is not easy, so my first goal is to reach a good type with all those characteristics that make the yorkshire terrier such a special dog.
Nicoletta Pollini